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Graphic Designing + Video Editing

Expert Guidance for Graphic Design and Video Editing

Start your creative journey to success with our Graphic Designing + Video Editing Course. Our experienced instructors will guide you, providing practical skills and strategies for confident navigation in the world of visual design and video creation.

Instructor : Shiraz Danish + Muhammad Ali



Discover your creative potential in our Graphic Designing + Video Editing Course. Begin by mastering ‘Design Principles and Elements,’ learning essential skills in industry-standard software like Adobe and Canva Pro. You’ll delve into ‘Logo Design and Branding,’ refine ‘Typography and Layout,’ and enhance visuals with ‘Image Editing and Enhancement.’ Bridging traditional and digital design, you’ll explore ‘Designing for Print and Digital Media.’

In the realm of video editing, we’ll introduce you to ‘Introduction to Video Editing,’ utilizing industry-standard software such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Fillmora. You’ll acquire proficiency in ‘Video Cutting, Trimming, and Arrangement,’ add engaging ‘Transitions and Effects,’ and elevate your ‘Audio Editing and Enhancement’ skills.

Color is a cornerstone of design, and you’ll excel in ‘Color Correction and Grading.’ Concluding the course, ‘Exporting and Publishing Videos’ ensures your creations reach your audience effectively.

In this dynamic field, we’ll also introduce you to ‘Introduction to AI in Design’ and ‘Integrating AI into Graphic Design and Video Editing.’ By course completion, you’ll have a versatile skill set for creating captivating visual designs and videos, empowered by cutting-edge AI technology.

duration : 2 Months

lessons : 40 sessions

Requirements : 10th

Class : Offline & Online

Total Fee : Rs. 20,000