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E-Commerce Courses in Pakistan

E commerce skills

Electronic commerce or e-commerce is the selling and purchasing of goods and services for the exchange of money or the transfer of money or data through electronic communication systems most commonly the internet. Here are the main key points of our e commerce course:

Instructor : Miss Hafsa



Due to the advancement in technology and the adoption of online shopping, the market has become attractive to any businessman. They include our E-commerce Mastery course where you will learn the principles, strategies and techniques to enable you succeed in the new frontier of e-commerce.

Course Objectives:

  • The key steps on how to design and build an effective online store using Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento.
  • To provide an appreciation of the basics of e-commerce and its uses.
  • Pricing strategies and coming up with the best market plan to adopt in order to ensure that a large traffic and hence more conversions are made.
  • Master the fundamentals of product listing, pricing and inventory control.
  • Learn about customer service and on how best to offer the best service to them.
  • Find out how data and analytics can help you efficiently analyze your e-commerce results.

duration : 3 Months

lessons : 65 sessions

Requirements : 12th

Class : Offline & Online

Total Fee : Rs. 30,000